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As an employer, you try to do all you can to ensure that your employees are good, honest and productive members of your team. Nothing short of the health of your company's future is at stake when you decide who to hire and add to your team.

So when you're hiring, you need to be diligent by looking into an applicant's background. You can't put your company into any additional jeopardy by hiring someone with a pattern of risky or illegal behavior. And if you let an outside service do the checking, you'll have the results quickly and fully compliant with all federal employment regulations. See top screening services.

The topics you'll want to see during your background check include:
• Criminal Court Records Searches
• Civil Court Records Searches
• Work History Checks

Job Applicant ResumeEverybody believes in rehabilitation and giving a person a second chance, but if a criminal record shows someone has been convicted of robbery, theft, or even worse, you need to know before you hire. And almost as important as criminal records, civil court searches will indicate if an applicant has ever had a judgment placed against him or her. Civic court judgments may give an indication of the types of credit history as it relates to their relationship with other people or companies. And, or course, it's vitally important to verify dates and places of employment.

An online screening company that specializes in employment-related background screenings is Intelius. Intelius offers fast search packages designed for inquiring individuals as well as legal background searches for companies investigating potential new hires. They are an established, user-friendly background checking service that won't take up a lot of your time.

Another search service is eVerify. eVerify is a self-investigation records website targeted specifically for businesses. They have been providing comprehensive online investigation services since 1999. You can investigate anyone in a fast, efficient, and easy operation to see what kind of vital or key information is available. Your searches are private and leave no trace.

Through their service, you will search multiple private, public and government databases and data centers for people in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and elsewhere. You will be able to go through over 300 million records collected from over 500 state, city and county databases, with the results returned to you in mere seconds. More on eVerify.

A pre-employment background screening search isn't necessarily a perfect predictor of future performance, but it can give you some additional insight into a person's past, which may help you in your hiring decisions.

Check out our short list of top services.

Pre-employment background screening if you need to check on a person's work history.
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Agency for background search is a company that will research job documents and provide responsible verifications.
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Provider of pre-employment searches is a consultant you can hire for first-class information investigations.
Consultant for employer background investigations is a screener for online job applicant records.
Company for employee history check is an investigator you can consider for pro-active public record screenings.

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Universal Background Screening can partner with you to create customized screening programs that will enhance security, reduce liability, improve productivity and save you money during the candidate selection and hiring process.

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